“Inspired by Etiquette” with Patricia Devine would make a wonderful alternate name for this company. With a passion for tradition, Patricia brings an enthusiasm to every seminar. As an independent consultant she is able to provide distinctive guidelines for business professionals and executives. Trained through the Protocol School of Washington she is a certified Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant as well as a Tea and Etiquette Consultant. As a native to the suburbs of Washington, D.C. protocol was ever present. Whether during her career in nursing, raising a family, encouraging grandchildren, or lobbying through the halls of the United States Capitol protocols and etiquette were at the foundation. A return to civility is a topic of conversation today. Patricia truly recognizes this as a principle to be cultivated in others and works to equip individuals as they are ambassadors in every venue. The desire to lead others and set the example for those we are responsible for is a great motivator for her. She believes, “Etiquette is a motivator. It must have principles of truth as a cornerstone in order to be effective. Effectiveness can equal success and success is motivating. Etiquette and Protocol reminds us of what is right and can possibly bring us back to some of our true desires.” Patricia is a member of Bible Study Fellowship International, Concerned Women for America, Smocking Arts Guild of America and Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. This year she will continue to pursue additional training opportunities in the areas of Children's Etiquette. Following these areas to completion proves Patricia is indeed, “Inspired by Etiquette.”

Mission Statement

The mission for Etiquette and Protocol with Patricia Devine is to be recognized as the leader in Etiquette and Protocol. As a leader and personal resource others will be encouraged in personal etiquette, corporate etiquette and international protocol.

Vision Statement

With a passion for tradition, Etiquette and Protocol will inspire others to embrace and preserve civility, causing them to make a commitment to excellence and demonstrate gracious hospitality through wholesomely valuable traditions.